Agent’s Commission Details:

IDesk is a new application developed to support the online learning island wide to enhance learning skill of students. This application can be used by students either as after school session or in emergency like pandemic disease situation.

We introduce the concept called “wallet” which can be used as recharging channel. Students can make use of our application and services only by recharging the wallet as per the conditions.

This is a opportunity we created for the agents or third party to support to earn revenue for each recharge from end user or student. It’s similar to mobile reload from boutiques. Each Agent can gain income of 10 % commission from each reload of wallet.

Presently we are entering into the market with basic features, but in future, we have a plan to introduce more facility to cover the higher educations like university, distance learning etc.

Our advanced Best wishes for each and every encouraging agent to penetrate & sustain into the market successfully.